CUD at a Glance

Canadian University Dubai (CUD) delivers an outstanding international higher education experience in one of the world’s fastest growing cities. Established in 2006 to provide programs based on Canadian curriculum and education principles, we offer a gateway for students to pursue higher education, research, employment, and residency opportunities in Canada.

Renowned for academic excellence and a first-class student experience, we deliver a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across our faculties of Architecture & Interior Design; Communication, Arts & Sciences; Engineering, Applied Science & Technology; and Management.

As the first accredited Canadian university outside of Canada, studying at CUD gives students the opportunity to obtain a Canadian education while experiencing the unique culture and values of the United Arab Emirates and the dynamic city life of Dubai.

Each of our academic programs provides unique opportunities to start your higher education in the UAE, then transfer with credit to one of our Canadian or other international partners.

With over 100 different nationalities represented on campus, our vibrant campus life ensures that every one of our students is equipped with the global citizenship skills required to excel in the modern business world.

Mission & Vision


Canadian University Dubai promotes Canadian perspectives in learning, research and application, grounded in an appreciation and respect for the diverse culture and values of the UAE.


Canadian University Dubai is committed to providing students with an international academic experience, guided by the highest educational and corporate ethics, adding value to the personal and professional lives of its graduates, and the communities in which we serve.

Institutional Goals & Objectives


Message from the Board of Trustees

Welcome to Canadian University Dubai – a visionary initiative that was founded in the pursuit of academic excellence to leverage the diverse learning cultures of North America and Europe. As a University, we are committed to providing a range of opportunities in education, research and professional development through curricula and academic support that is delivered by experienced and enthusiastic Canadian and European faculty, who teach programs that meet learners’ needs, in order to enter a dynamic labour market.

Canadian University Dubai has joined with a panel of globally renowned education and corporate institutions to provide exciting opportunities for intelligent and motivated students to progress and grow. The University offers a wide spectrum of study options for learners to carve a niche in their respective fields, complemented by opportunities to hone their practical skills, through ultra-modern technology spread across its campus buildings, classrooms, laboratories and electronic facilities.


Chairman of the Board of Directors
Emirates Investment and Development PSC, UAE


Board of Directors Member
Emirates Investment and Development PSC, UAE


Dubai Education LLC, UAE


Former Heritage Minister
Environment Minister & Deputy PM of Canada


Former Premier, Ontario, Canada
Senior Fellow, University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance


Retired Professor
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Canada



Former Cabinet Minister and Deputy Premier
Province of New Brunswick, Canada


Former Premier
Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

UAE & Dubai

A diverse, sophisticated and ultramodern nation, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is renowned for its dynamic business environment and its open and progressive society, which combine to make it officially the happiest country in the region.

From unspoilt beaches to rugged mountains, and picturesque heritage sites to dazzling modern architecture, the UAE’s landscape is as diverse as its people, offering a truly unique lifestyle experience for students and professionals alike.

As the gateway between east and west, the country has become a safe and accessible base for leading multinationals from across the globe to establish a foothold in the Middle East market, and to explore emerging economies further afield.

With this expanding business base comes a wealth of opportunities for employment and enterprise, attracting students and professionals from around the world and giving the UAE its unique multicultural identity, as the home to nationals from almost 200 countries.

The higher educational landscape in the UAE reflects the diverse cultural mix of the country itself. With a thirst for innovation, the UAE is also gathering a growing reputation for its advancements in research and technological development.

Among the seven Emirates that make up the UAE, Dubai has emerged as one of the fastest growing cities in the world. A place where the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the western world meets eastern traditions and hospitality, Dubai has been recognized among the top 10 best cities to live across the globe.

Already renowned for its bold spirit of innovation, as the home of the world’s tallest building and the world’s largest man-made island, there are no limits to the city’s ambition, and to the opportunities you will find here. As the city prepares to host the World Expo in 2020, there is no better time to explore these opportunities.


Like the UAE, Canada’s immense diversity in both population and landscape is central to its national identity. The country’s ten provinces and three territories expand from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans, encompassing cosmopolitan cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, the immense natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains, and the peaceful existence of the maritime coast.

With citizens and residents from over 200 ethnic backgrounds, Canada takes great pride in its multicultural heritage. It is a welcoming and hospitable land, which is consistently ranked among the United Nations’ best places to live around the world, with something unique to offer for every way of life.

The country’s abundant natural resources play an important part in its economic history and development, though industry is now dominated by the service sector, accounting for more than 70% of Canadian employment and presenting a wealth of opportunities in industries such as banking, healthcare, education, communication and transport.

Canada’s world-renowned education system includes several leading universities that consistently rank in the top tier of global tertiary institutions. Canadian people are among the most educated in the world and students travel from across the globe to benefit from this elite higher education experience.

This reputation for excellence has helped to forge a natural alliance with the ambitious nation of the UAE, which is why Canadian University Dubai has established a portal to higher education, research, employment, and residency opportunities in Canada for students starting out in this region.